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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your most common questions about fishing. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced angler, our FAQ section covers topics like gear selection, techniques, regulations, and more. Find solutions to your fishing queries and enhance your angling experience with our comprehensive answers. 

I've never done this before. How should I get started?

Give me a call or send an email giving me the best times to contact you and I’ll call you at my first opportunity, normally, the same day. Ask me any questions you like. I’m always willing to help you choose the right fishing package.

Why do fishing charters cost so much?

Maintaining and operating a safe, properly outfitted top of the line fishing boat is expensive and today’s fuel costs alone are staggering. There are many additional costs that one never sees on a guided fishing trip. For example, charter insurance, license, bait, boat maintenance, and many other factors.

You get what you pay for in charter boats,

and I strive to keep my costs down to give you the best value in the area. The excitement of chartering your own guide, catching fish and having a tremendous on water experience while making memories to last a lifetime… is well worth the expense.

Is the boat safe for me and my entire family?
Yes. I am federally licensed by the United States Coast Guard and State Licensed by Texas Parks & Wildlife. Also, my boat has many safety features and I will brief you on at the beginning of the trip about where to find life jackets, first aid kit, and fire extinguishers. For communications I am equipped with a cell phone. Don’t worry, so far I’ve never had to execute an emergency plan and my safety record stands at 100%. You can enjoy the trip knowing that you’re safe and secure with a seasoned professional.
Does the boat have a bathroom on it?

No, although, if needed we’re usually not too far from a public facility.

What should I bring with me on the boat?

Depending on the length of your trip consider bringing food, camera, hat, sun block, fishing license and a rain jacket if the weather looks like it could rain.You can bring your own ice chest or my boat is equipped with an ice chest for your food and drinks. If you would like to keep a few fish or all of your fish for dinner you might consider a small cooler to keep in your vehicle for the trip home.

I want to catch a Big Fish… Can you help me?

Targeting big fish is my area of expertise but keep in mind that targeting only big fish can limit the total numbers of fish caught. What this basically means is we may do more fishing than actual catching as the big ones don’t often bite when you want them to. During late winter and early spring we have tremendous success on large Striped Bass on Canyon Lake ask me when you inquire.

What kind of bait do you use?

I use Perch, Shad, Shrimp and assorted artificial lures. The bait used depends on the type of fishing we do and the time of year. Live baits are always best usually resulting in more numbers and larger fish. However, if you’re interested in using or learning to use artificial lures I have mastered this skill and I’m always willing to teach you.

How do I know if the boat is available for the date I want?

When you call to reserve one or more days, I can usually make arrangements to accommodate you. The sooner you make your booking the better. 

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