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Fishing Canyon Lake is Excellent!

Canyon Lake offers a diverse range of fish species, including Striped Bass, White Bass, and Largemouth Bass. When these fish start moving into the spawning areas, it can provide excellent fishing action for anglers.

Using lures like Roadrunners, shallow diving crankbaits, and ChatterBaits in 5 to 10 feet of water can be very effective for targeting these species during their spawning season. These lures mimic the movements of baitfish, which attract predatory fish like Striped Bass, White Bass, and Largemouth Bass.

When fishing in spawning areas, it’s important to be mindful of conservation efforts. Catch-and-release practices can help ensure the sustainability of fish populations for future generations of anglers. Additionally, following local regulations and guidelines regarding fishing seasons and size limits is crucial for responsible angling.

Power Plant lakes are producing some Catfish on cheese bait and the Freshwater Redfish are very slow
due to the cold water temperatures.

With the guidance of a knowledgeable captain Steve Nixon, kids can have a memorable and educational experience fishing for these exciting species on Canyon Lake. They can learn valuable skills and develop a deeper appreciation for the outdoors while enjoying the thrill of reeling in their catches.



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